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I am 62 years old and ;ive in North Yorkshire. I having completed two modules in creative writing in an open degree with the OU. Unfortunately, the Ou was unable to fulfil my dream of a BA hons in creative writing and so I have joined the OCA having transferred from OU with 120 credits. I hope to complete my BA hons degree in Creative writing in the next 4 years.

I am married and have 5 grandchildren between the ages of 2 and 10 as at Sept 2015.

I belong to a small writing group called The Next Chapter which meets regularly in Harrogate. We discuss our individual writing projects and try and support and help each giving feedback and encouragement. We self-published a small, christmas themed anthology last year(Stocking Filler) and a rather large book of short stories and poems (The Bloody Book) the previous year. The books are available on Amazon.

I have spent a year writing my debut novel called North Sea Shells which I sent to The Literary Consultancy for a review and critique. Having received good constructive feedback, I have now done a rewrite and sent off to a publisher for consideration. I’ve got everything crossed and will let you know how I get on.

The story is based on a family who live in Hartlepool and the effects and consequences of the bombardment in Dec 1914. The main character is Martha who is torn between two brothers, one who goes off to war (her husband) to avenge the death of his grandfather and Martha’s parents during the shelling  and one who stays at home, having been turned down by the army, due to an injury sustained in the shipyards.

I enjoy writing short stories and the occasional poem. I have entered competitions in Writing magazine and though I haven’t been successful with any stories as yet, I have won a Tanka competition last year with my poem entitled Traffic Jam and got shortlisted for my children’s poem called Mrs Batty.

I am looking forward to using this blog as my learning log throughout the courses and hope it helps me develop as a writer.


One thought on “About me

  1. hello Carole, enjoying your blog, keep it coming. I love children’s fiction, I have shelves full ! and this is my probable next course, I did both the oi courses as well ! I loved them! and the big red book is good reading for oca !

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