Assignment 1 – Project 3

I am currently reading Blood Ties by Sophie McKenzie.

The book is aimed at 12+ according to the book cover and should appeal to both boys and girls. The title sounds like it belongs to a ‘thriller’ but the silhouettes of a boy and girl encourages both genders to pick it up. The flashes of blue indicate a chase and therefore adventure and danger. The blurb on the back tells the reader there are two main characters, one male and one female.The book is not a stand alone project and has a follow on novel about the same two protagonists called Blood Ransom. The title catches the eye and suggests it is connected to Blood Ties. It encourages the reader to develop a loyalty to the main characters and therefore a wish for further books in the same series. The selling blurb on the back cover of the second book leaves the reader in no doubt that they will learn more about the same characters that were in Blood Ties.

The book is part of a trend to not only entertain both genders of young adults, but to bridge the gap between teens and adults and gain a wider audience. i think it would appeal to some adults because of the style it is written in. The author tells the story from two points of view in alternate chapters which gives the main characters a strong voice each and I found it easy to empathise and warm to both of them. The author manages to exit each chapter in a way that makes the reader asks questions and needs to read on to satisfy their curiosity.  The pace is fast throughout and the tension builds up as you move on through the plot.


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