Assignment 2- Exercise 2 – Thoughts

I enjoyed writing the opening page called The Last Flight during this exercise. Trying to write for a particular age category was not as simple as I had thought. I hadn’t realised that authors paid so much attention to paragraph sizes, word counts etcetera. I have always written first and then made a quick judgement about who might like to read it rather than the age group it was suitable for. I can now look at things with a more critical eye and even if I write the piece first, I will be able to edit and adjust to suit the relevant age category.  I am beginning to understand why the length of words is so important and the way they are laid out on the page. Shorter paragraphs will not be too daunting for a child of 7 whereas a child of 12 or more would be probably feel that the book is too young for them if written in such a basic sentence structure. Having said that, books like Tom Gates, with it’s cartoon doodles and short paragraphs, are ideal for the older child who hasn’t a lot of confidence in their reading ability.


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