Childhood Poems – Sweet and sour

Sweet and Sour

Mam made a cone

from newspaper and put sugar in it.

Then she’d give each of us a stick

of rhubarb, to dip.

I loved the green-apple tartness

of the rhubarb against the sweet

sugar granules. Tongues curling

and saliva swirling, like a tap

turned on. Lips pursed

and tongues licking, again and again

‘til it was gone. Mouth and hands

stuck up to glory. Faces beaming

with the aftermath of it,

as we pick the strings

from pink stained teeth. Good

as a bag of sweets any day.


2 thoughts on “Childhood Poems – Sweet and sour

    1. Thank you for commenting Deborah. I wrote this when doing poetry with OU. I remember still just how it tasted and how sticky we all were by the time we had finished it. Definitely one of my favourite memories from childhood.


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